oso 0.11.2


Other bugs & improvements

  • Error messages for failing inline queries now contain location information indicating which inline query failed.


Other bugs & improvements

Oso.query and others no longer require mutable reference

Thank you Fisher Darling for pointing out that many methods on oso::Oso do not require a mutable reference.

With this small change, it is no longer necessary to wrap oso::Oso in a mutex in order to use across threads.


Other bugs & improvements

It’s now possible to use Oso in Web Workers

Big thanks to @togmund for submitting a patch that enables Oso to run in Web Worker contexts like Cloudflare Workers.

Fixed POLAR_LOG logging

The Web Assembly runtime doesn’t have access to the Node.js process environment, so previously it wasn’t possible to view query evaluation logs by setting the POLAR_LOG=1 environment variable.

That’s now fixed, and setting POLAR_LOG=1 will behave as expected:

$ POLAR_LOG=1 yarn oso
query> 1 = 1
[debug]   QUERY: 1 = 1, BINDINGS: {}

For more on the POLAR_LOG environment variable, see Tracing.

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