oso 0.11.1

Improved performance for data filtering

Data filtering performance has been improved with some queries experiencing a 5x speed up.


New features

Comparing JavaScript application types

Added support for using Polar’s comparison operators to compare JavaScript objects.

Note that Polar equality (==) and inequality (!=) operations involving JS objects default to comparing operands with JavaScript’s == and != operators. If you wish to use a different equality mechanism (e.g., === or Lodash’s isEqual()), you can provide a custom equalityFn when initializing Oso:

const { Oso } = require('oso');

let oso = new Oso({ equalityFn: (x, y) => x === y });

// Or...

const isEqual = require('lodash.isequal');

oso = new Oso({ equalityFn: (x, y) => isEqual(x, y) });

sqlalchemy-oso 0.5.1

Bug fixes & improvements

Fixed a bug in get_resource_users_by_role which meant it would only work if the roles were defined for a resource called “repository”.

Many thanks to Sascha Jullmann for reporting and fixing the bug.

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